About Us

Chase Fine Homes, LLC is a Maryland-based company is run by the talented husband and wife team, Sean and Grace Leonce. Sean and Grace Leonce have been written about in Washington Life Magazine for their unique approach to the value, quality, and innovation they bring to the homes they transform, enhance, and present to the market.

By purchasing, developing, renovating and marketing real estate the way they do, they bring true value to the various communities they touch throughout the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area, including Maryland and Virginia.

When they begin a project, they take an ugly house and make it pretty, thus raising the property values in the neighborhood, provide housing for new families, help stabilize the market, and help make the area more attractive and safe for everyone.

Together, they help many people in many ways. They buy houses in need of significant repair directly from banking institutions and sellers which typically require a cash sale, and which otherwise couldn’t be sold because of its condition. They restore and renovate the homes with top of the line features and appliances. These homes are then purchased by homebuyers seeking to discover the joy and pride of homeownership at about the same price most other average homes sell for.

Sean and Grace also team up with private investors in search of a much higher rate of return on their investment capital while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the security they also receive from the “low loan to value ratios” in the real estate they acquire and restore. They have found most people prefer this to the extremely volatile stock market because their returns on their investment are fixed from day one and secured by a REAL asset, with 30% equity going in.

They also believe that giving back to the communities and businesses in which they live, work and serve is vital and mandatory. Together they support local school programs in need and work hard to develop budding entrepreneurs based on their combined almost 40 years of business experience, mistakes and success. Sean and Grace have actively served on several institutional boards by donating funds, but more importantly their time, teaching financial literacy to our youth, along with sharing the power of education and continued personal development. Sean and Grace have also had the pleasure of working with the former first lady of Washington DC’s Wish List Committee to rebuild tennis courts and parks in several parts of the nation’s Capital. A major part of their success is knowing and understanding the importance of giving back.Sean and Grace say “It’s a ‘must do’ for us.”

For these reasons and many more, Sean and Grace are very proud and honored to serve the Washington D.C. metropolitan real estate market, the people and businesses that work and live there.

Hopefully, they will have an opportunity to be of service too you, your family or your business in the not too distant future.

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