Sean and Grace Leonce from Chase Fine Homes have been featured on major TV networks ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN affiliates around the country, and written about in Washington Life Magazine for excellence. As a team they have been doing business in the DC Metropolitan area since 1991. Their unique approach to business mandates value, quality, and innovation be delivered in each beautiful home they transform, enhance, and restore before it’s offered to the market. Together, they help so many people in so many ways. They buy houses directly from banking institutions, estates and private sellers which usually require a cash sale, and that otherwise couldn’t sell on the open market with traditional financing directly to owner occupants. They offer these gorgeously restored and renovated homes with top of the line features and appliances to homebuyers seeking to discover the joy and pride of homeownership at about the same price most other average homes sell for. Over the years they have developed what they like to call the “Chase Team” consisting of a title company, realtors, contractors, mortgage brokers, stagers, and top quality vendors in construction who are the elite within their niche industry. They also team up with private investors who are in search of a very high rate of return on their investment capital while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the security they receive from the “low loan to value ratios” in the real estate they acquire and restore. At Chase Fine Homes the principle belief is that “Business and work must be fun. No one has to lose for the other to win, and whether you are a seller, buyer, lender, employee, or team member, our goal is for EVERYONE to experience increase by doing business with us. We always remember we are in the people business!!!

As managing partners of Chase Fine Homes, LLC, Sean and Grace Leonce buy, renovate, and sell dozens of homes each year in the Washington, D.C. area. While that may not sound like the most thrilling thing in the world, it’s their story that makes them stand out as one of the most successful yet humble husband and wife real estate developers in the area.

Sean came to America from his native country of Trinidad when he was 16 years old, straight out of high school with only $200 in his pocket. With the love of family at his back, he worked night and day, 7 days a week to not only get by, but also get ahead. At the age of 17 after working an 8 hour night shift, he ventured out into the bitter winter morning to catch the bus home. No luck. After several hours and a bit of frost bite he vowed that would be his last winter sitting at a bus stop! Nine months later at the age of 18 years and one day, he bought his first car. After saving up a few dollars he tried going to college, but left when he realized that wasn’t the path for him at the time. He wanted to be a successful business owner. After all, he lived in the land where dreams do come true. Sean had caught the entrepreneurial bug quite young when he requested a lawn mower on his 13th birthday so he could start a lawn cutting service for his neighborhood. The birthday budget was less than the cost of the mower so he cut a deal to repay his parents (plus extra) from the money made from the first few lawns he would cut if they would front the money. “He never asked us for money after that day” his mother said. He had orchestrated his first deal at age 13. He had no idea what that experience would mean to his future.

At the age of 22 Sean started his first “real” business in Washington DC in 1991, and went through the typical challenges that most business owners face in getting off the ground. In fact, he worked as a bouncer 4 nights a week just to pay the bills as the business was not generating any profits the first year.

It was during that time he met and immediately fell in love with Grace, the woman who would become his wife and the mother of his three children, Alexandra, Chloe and Zachery. Their whirlwind romance wound up with him putting a ring on layaway just two weeks after they met, and with him popping the question five weeks later. He was lucky!She said yes and they have been together ever since.That was 1992!

With his ‘saving Grace’ by his side, the two lovebirds quickly built that business up to the point where they sold it on the New York Stock Exchange for a nice profit after six years of hard work! Being the hard-core entrepreneur he is, Sean tried his hand at several other businesses with lukewarm results until he started exploring his undying curiosity for real estate, which would become his passion and second love. He is quoted as saying, “I love the art of the deal and finding ways for everybody to win, when no one else can find a way.”

Grace Leonce grew up in New Orleans. She attended the oldest all girl Catholic school in American history, (Ursuline academy founded in 1727) from first grade through high school. This experience along with her vast exposure to art, history, and rich architecture, helped cultivate her future talents for the “art of the restoration.” Minoring in accounting at Howard University, this combination along with her natural strengths of organization, creativity, and appreciation of beauty, makes it easy to understand why she’s the one in charge of overseeing all the details of the renovation projects for Chase Fine Homes, and why each home they release to the market sells so quickly! She believes the person buying a $200,000 home should have the same “feeling” as the person buying a $2,000,000 home, which is why you will find similar level finishes in all Chase Fine Homes.

Several businesses and three childeen later, Sean and Grace have overcomemany of life’s obstacles to find their business, Chase Fine Homes, being featured in Washington Life Magazine and on major television networks across America for their unique approach to the value, quality, and innovation they bring to the homes they transform, enhance, and offer to the market. Now they make dreams become a reality for others!

Together, they help many people in many ways.

They buy houses from sellers that otherwise couldn’t sell their property and are usually in need of a quick cash sale.

These houses are gorgeously renovated with top of the line features and appliances are offered to people seeking to discover the joy of homeownership at about the same price most other average homes sell for.

They also educate private investors on how they can get a preferred rate of return on their money and do a lot better than the paltry 1.9% offered by banks, or playing in the unpredictable stock market, all by allowing them to make loans on real estate renovated by Chase Fine Homes. It’s been a well-kept secret, but knowledge can be powerful if you utilize it wisely.

In their spare time, Sean and Grace enjoy spending time with their three children, working up a good sweat playing tennis, going to the movies, reading, and chasing the sun to every place on this planet they can find it.

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